Marketing Art Director

Currently working as a Marketing Art Director in the mobile games industry. On the website you will find the latest talks, interviews and professional work portfolio.

Unique Voodoo

Unique Voodoo is a creative team that is solely focused on creator owned projects. We are telling our stories and bringing them to our audience.

Manisha-Goddess of the Wild

Manisha the Princess of Kimani is fighting for what she loves and tries to find her place in a world that rapidly changes due to unpredictable events.


Follow her journey and see what happens next.

Blackwood Mansion

Find out what is hidden behind the legend of Blackwood and how former soldier and father Joe Marcher faces this mystery.

Vampire Lords

Discover the great vampire wars over the centuries. Follow the legends of the ancient lords and the lords of the golden age. Dive deep into their history and see if they can fulfill their destiny to meet the one who made them.

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