Born from the ashes of the earth and given the power to rule, the ancient vampire lords are instilled with an everlasting hunger for blood. They have defined our world, they are the source, they are the ones to find…the ones to kill.


Discover the great vampire wars over the centuries. Follow the legends of the ancient lords and the lords of the golden age. Dive deep into their history and see if they can fulfill their destiny to meet the one who made them.


Vampire Lords is aimed to be a line of collectible statues in the future. Combined with a strong storyline for each of the lords a universe of bloodlust, excitement and cruelty will unfold over time.


The great battles between two lords are presented in an ongoing series that will highlight them in an unchronological order within independent episodes.


Feel free to follow vampire lords and enjoy a universe in the making.


Lord Targad Sculpture

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